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Northern Baja Coastal area enjoys a unique feature that no other major city in Mexico has: Ocean front/ view affordable property  immediately neighboring southern California. The largest bi- national region on the planet measured by number of people crossing,  has created a new super market for US citizens to find retirement, secondo home, rental and investment opportunities without having to take a flight.

Thousands of Americans find rental opportunities  the Tijuana – Rosarito Corridor every year taking advantage of the slow paced, easy living of Baja while enjoying California income. This trend increased was home office work became more common. Adding the trusted traveler programs such as SENTRI or Global Entry allows more and more ex pats to live south of the border but still be able to earn their living from home,  cross anytime to the US and be back in a couple of hours.

Coming down to Baja its just not about cheaper rent. Expats will find food, utilities like water or highspeed internet are also lower in cost south of the border. For the long-term player, the insurance industry in Mexico is open to work with persons with foreign income and fiscal residences. Since you are already here never doubt to contact a bilingual Insurance specialist to compare premiums and costs.

Common unknowns to the first time expat resident are: migratory status, what is a Fiador or Aval, cost of utilities and how to pay them, bank (atm) services, how to make the most out of the exchange rate, car insurance, is the water drinkable, emergency services among many others.

Keep in mind. You are not the first, not the last, others have already walked the path. There is a lot information flying around the web these days, some might be legit, but much of its not or not updated.

Get a professional on your side, ask for references on the community you want to stay, maybe if possible spend  a night or a weekend (if allowed) to feel the vibe, check commuting time to the border etc. Always ask for a courtesy translation of your rental agreement, know the communities Rules and Regulations before you rent.

The more information you have the easier the transition will be, and as always, keep an open mind as you are coming to a country with a different set of laws and traditions. Yet at the same time that has been receiving communities from all of Mexico and other countries for the last 120 years.

Let me help you become a member of the San Diego – Baja region!

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